Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Facebook Breakup Song (Changin my status to Single) - Original Song

Original ukulele song by Lisa Gloria
You can download for free here: http://lisagloria.bandcamp.com/track/the-facebook-breakup-song-changin-my-status-to-single

Oh you're clearing your history, cuz there's something I'm not supposed to see, 

Like it's all such a mystery, and you always get over on me.
But you're tagged in the pictures, and the chat log's saved permanently.
So, I'm sorry, it's over, there's no use to linger, I'm changin' my status to "Single."

I am changin' my status. I signed up for eHarmony.
And you won't even notice, ciz I blocked you from my friend list,
But you can consider yourself free.
I'm changin' my status to "Single."

How it used to be different to love some and then walk away.
Now you just click a checkbox, then scroll down the page and hit "Save."
And it's not what I wanted, but this time you know you can't stay.
So, I'm sorry, it's over, there's no use to linger.
I'm changin my status to "Single."


Oh, don't take it so hard, it's just how you are and you want it this way.
We only made it this far cuz I was willing to look the other way.
But this is where it ends...
Yes this is where it ends...
I'll take your posts off my wall, and then I'll poke all your friends
Cuz I'm changin' my status to "Single."




released 01 April 2011
Thanks to Kevin Trudo, Emma Herrick, and Gail Chrisse for lyrical advice and encouragement.

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