Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Rene Says - Ukulele Original Song

We lived in Walbridge Ohio for 4 years, and got to know some pretty interesting people. I wrote a bunch of songs about them... but I didn't know how to write the music. So here's one, and thanks to my daughter, now it comes with chords. Nobody ever heard it before now. Isn't that weird? Is a song a song if nobody ever hears it?

Some of the things in this song Renee actually said. Others, I made up. Is for funs. :-)

Why yes, it does sort of have a Joni Mitchell sound to it. I know. I love her.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

p.s. i love you - cover

I first heard this song from Nellie McKay, but it's actually a standard. (love Nellie McKay, but Billie Holliday's version is pretty wonderful, naturally). So I was looking for a song to record while some original tunes are still percolating. I had looked at this before but decided it was too hard. Today, it seemed manageable.  I guess practice helps.

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New YouTube Channel - Kharma Doll

So this is a new blog, like a "vlog" if anybody uses that term anymore... Just for songs. Mostly just me, but maybe also with my girls, or with my girl band.  But since I'm a terrible musician, it's usually easier to play alone at this point.

There's a new YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/KharmaDoll?feature=mhee
But the old songs are still on the old channel : http://www.youtube.com/user/LisaGloriaArt?feature=mhee

That way I can keep the dayjob (artist) cleanly separated from my musical mewlings. Hoorays. Now, please go and subscribe okay? Who's it going to hurt?

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That Bitch is Crazy - Original Song by Lisa Gloria

Fun, yes? So peppy!  You can download for free here: http://lisagloria.bandcamp.com/track/that-bitch-is-crazy


Late at night, down at the bar
I’m walking back, with a couple Dewar
I see that redhead standing there, right at your arm

She sees me and bolts for the door
And I’m pretty sure that I’ve been here before
So I’m like, “heyyyy, what just happened there?” And you’re like, “I don’t know,”

“That bitch is crazy. I think she followed me.
She practically haunts me. And I don’t know why.
That bitch is crazy. She don’t even know me.
It’s just a coincidence, and those happen all the time.”

Sunday morning, down at the park.
You’re fixing your hair, and I’m walking your dog.
And there’s this blonde running up waving both her arms.

You turn around and we gotta go.
Your movies are late. You left your phone.
And I’m like, “Did she just call you Baby?” And you’re like, “Nope.”

“That bitch is crazy. I think we saw her on Maury.
Maybe one time she met me but she thinks I’m somebody else
That bitch is crazy. Cmon baby you know me.
I can’t believe you’d accuse me. I mean, what the hell.

I wish you’d open up your heart and see what a great guy I am
I’m only just beginning to start to try to finally trust again
And you’re just the perfect girl for me, if you can see beyond their lies.
Besides, baby, who you gonna believe: me? Or your lying eyes?

Monday morning, I’m very blue
And resolving again to make it all up to you.
I’ll buy you a watch or a shirt or a trip to peru.

But sometimes I wonder, late, late at night
If my sister was wrong and my mama was right
Cuz I told her some of this and she was like, “Whoa,”

“That bitch is crazy. She’ll believe anything.
Just bat your eyes dear, and she goes completely besot.
That bitch is crazy, she probably needs therapy.
She seems such a smart girl, with a lot on the ball. But she’s not.”


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Fall Into Me - Original Song

Original ukulele tune. When I first wrote this about 15 years ago, I didn't have a uke, I had a piano. (Yeah, I was a terrible pianist too). That piano music is long gone, along with a few pieces of the lyrics, but I think this is close. One day I'll find that notebook and I'm hoping for a little Easter egg sort of surprise. Some forgotten genius moment. Ha. It could happen.

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BURN - Ray LaMontagne cover song

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The Facebook Breakup Song (Changin my status to Single) - Original Song

Original ukulele song by Lisa Gloria
You can download for free here: http://lisagloria.bandcamp.com/track/the-facebook-breakup-song-changin-my-status-to-single

Oh you're clearing your history, cuz there's something I'm not supposed to see, 

Like it's all such a mystery, and you always get over on me.
But you're tagged in the pictures, and the chat log's saved permanently.
So, I'm sorry, it's over, there's no use to linger, I'm changin' my status to "Single."

I am changin' my status. I signed up for eHarmony.
And you won't even notice, ciz I blocked you from my friend list,
But you can consider yourself free.
I'm changin' my status to "Single."

How it used to be different to love some and then walk away.
Now you just click a checkbox, then scroll down the page and hit "Save."
And it's not what I wanted, but this time you know you can't stay.
So, I'm sorry, it's over, there's no use to linger.
I'm changin my status to "Single."


Oh, don't take it so hard, it's just how you are and you want it this way.
We only made it this far cuz I was willing to look the other way.
But this is where it ends...
Yes this is where it ends...
I'll take your posts off my wall, and then I'll poke all your friends
Cuz I'm changin' my status to "Single."




released 01 April 2011
Thanks to Kevin Trudo, Emma Herrick, and Gail Chrisse for lyrical advice and encouragement.

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The Casino Suicide Song - Original Song

Original ukulele song.

You can download for free here: http://lisagloria.bandcamp.com/track/the-casino-suicide-song

In the middle of the winter by the old Fox River 
When the ice was high my heart was low 
I left my babies, went a little bit crazy 
Now I'm watching the water, just watching it go 

I met my daddy in a brokedown shanty 
By the Grasshopper Glass, by the Restaurant Row 
He said, "hey, mama, I'm glad I found you. 
There's just two things you need to know." 

"You can't take it with you no matter what you say 
St Peter won't admit you with a dime left to your name 
So when that man says 'Shooter!' get your chips up on the rail 
And you put your bet on the line." 

He's a real high roller. He plays stud poker. 
Don't play no sissy slots, oh me oh my. 
Down by the dam, damn, dam, he took my hand, hand, hand 
And he lit me up inside. 

All the lights were blinkin. It was a quarter-past-thinkin. 
Had a triple whiskey. Little easy on the ice. 
He said, "hey, mama, time to give me what you got now. 
Time to lay it all down, take my advice." 


Got the dice from the stickman. Felt them heavy in my left hand. 
Let fly for the back rail, like corn for the hens. 
And it felt so easy, daddy seemed so pleasey. 
And he left for the cage to cash in. 

He wasn't waiting by the back way. I tried to stick around til Sunday. 
Dealer said he was a fine man, but I saw her roll her eyes. 
Down by the dam, damn, damn, is where I am, am, am. 
And I'm about to take a dive. 
Down by the dam, damn, damn, is where I am, am, am. 
And I'm about to take a dive. 
Down by the dam, damn, damn, is where I am, am, am. 
And I'm about to take a dive.
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